Commuter Aircraft

Commuter Aircraft

Commuting doesn’t have to mean spending hours in cramped, uncomfortable conditions. Traveling by commuter aircraft gets you to your destination with none of the inconvenience of waiting around in busy airports or having to rush before the gate closes. Our commuter jets are a comfortable, deluxe alternative to standard business transport for large groups, workers, and sports teams.

Saab 2000

One of the world’s fastest turbo prop aircraft, the Saab 2000 has plenty of room for over 50 passengers and is renowned for its spacious interior. A bigger version of the Saab 340, the 2000 can cruise at just below the speed of a standard jet.

Seats 50
Speed 370 Knots
Range 1549nm
Luggage Space 360 cubic ft
Cabin Height 5 ft 11 In
Cabin Width 7 ft 1 In
Cabin Length 89 ft 6 In
Flight Attendant Yes

Saab 340

First taking to the skies in 1983, the Saab 340 is a two engine turbo prop which can comfortably seat over 30 passengers. Ample legroom and plenty of luggage space make this a popular choice for commuters, and with its super quiet cabin, it also provides plenty of opportunities for a power nap on the way.

Seats 34
Speed 271 Knots
Range 935nm
Luggage Space 240 cubic ft
Cabin Height 6 ft 0 In
Cabin Width 7 ft 0 In
Cabin Length 34 ft 0 In
Flight Attendant Yes