About Us

Quality in mind, AIRSADA is born under an ongoing business experience, which dedicated to perfection, success and bona fides. AIRSADA is a luxury private jet scheduled and charter specialist, offering game-changer details & above the line guest care and comfort. Our services set to be as simplified as possible to secure you more time to focus on your schedule, comfort and well-being. We are here to serve you to start your holiday on takeoff or maintain your business flawless during travel.


• To provide globally accessible private aviation and serve the best experiences to our guests.
• To reach leadership in private aviation industry by remarkable service quality and integration of up to date technological solutions. • To provide the correct price-quality ratio by combining high safety and security measures.


To serve qualified, innovative and individual touched unique flight experience by achieving safe, secure and preferred brand within the framework of globally recognized high standards.

Quality Policy

Customer Focus
To ensure customer satisfaction by providing products and services in line with customer expectations, in the event of a customer complaint, to take all necessary measures in accordance with the principles of trust, transparency, impartiality, confidentiality, accessibility, integrity, equality, and sensitivity to objectively resolve this complaint.

Quality Management System
To ensure the adoption of the quality management system by prioritizing quality service and to continuously increase its effectiveness, to comply with all requirements issued by national and international authorities, to establish and promote quality and safety cultures throughout the company, to continuously monitor the changes in international legislation and to make the necessary changes by using the compliance monitoring system the quality assurance program effectively. To meet the needs of the government and our customers with strict safety and security measures that manage the risks of aircraft operations based on the principle of “No Compromise on Safety”.

Effective Management
To achieve the company's goals and objectives within the framework of authority, awareness of responsibility, and identified strategies by increasing communication, harmony, and cooperation among employees.

Continuous Improvement and Efficiency
To be a constantly developingiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii organization with planning, knowledge, and technology-based approaches by keeping corporate loyalty and team spirit at the highest level.

To develop designs and products containing innovative technological solutions and ideas.

Occupational Health and Safety
To ensure absolute compliance with the principles of occupational health and safety based on human and environmental factors in all activities of the company.

Environmental Awareness
To ensure that environmental protection and development awareness is adopted by all employees.

Compliance with Standards and Rules
To ensure absolute compliance of all personnel with standards and company procedures through a good professional and technical practice.

Collaboration with Auditors
Ensuring that all personnel, operator and customers are in cooperation with quality auditors.

To encourage staff to report incidents and errors related to their work.

Risk Management
To promote risk studies in company internal processes, in procurement processes and throughout the company.

Why Fly With Airsada

AirSada combines existing private aviation benefits with hospitality culture, guest care and time management. We aim to ensure that our guests reach their chosen destination comfortably, conveniently, and on time in the most luxurious way.